Many vapers like the idea of making their own E-juice recipes. The idea of mixing flavours appeals to many people who want to sample the delicious combinations you can make. You may already have a recipe in mind- it’s perfect- and all you need to do now is make your favourite juice. Using an E-liquid calculator will get you great results as will using scales, especially if you are making a big batch of liquid. Otherwise syringes may work- but there is a chance it could get messy! Scales really make the whole weighing process easier and it’s a hell of a lot cleaner too! In this article we will go through the steps on how to prepare, weigh and mix E-liquids to make your favourite flavour combination. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you’ll have our own flavour combination in no time!

What You’ll Need

In order to make sure you have the right equipment necessary for the E-liquid mixing process, take note of the things listed below : 

  • Gloves
  • Some Tissue papers
  • E-liquid calculator
  • Bottle with dripper or syringe

Getting Started: The Method

You should start preparing the bottles and cups you will use and place all the ingredients in the correct order. So, bases go first, then nicotine and the flavour concentrates. Line them up in the same order that you’d get in the E-liquid calculator results. It’s important that you take your time during the preparation process as this will ensure that you don’t miss out any of the ingredients. Now you need to turn on your scale and place the container or bottle you want to mix into, on the scale. Sometimes this will be a large 250ml bottle- it all depends on how much liquid you want to make. Then press the tare button. The tare button always resets the scale to zero regardless of the weight currently on it. You’ll be using this button quite frequently. You’ll need to use the E-liquid calculator thorough this process as this will give you the weights you need to add for your VG, Nicotine, PG, and any other flavours you want to use for your recipe.

For example if you are making a 15ml batch of Cherry, you’ll use 1000mg VG nicotine, and your end result will look like 40/60 PG/VG. This is the output given on the calculator results.

You start by adding 0.556 grams of nicotine to your bottle (you might want to round it up to 0.56 as some scales only read to the hundredth). Then press tare. Next you’ll need to add 4.476G- rounded up to 4.48g. Then press tare again. Then add your VG which will be 10,773 grams rounded to 10.77. Then press tare. You can now begin to have a little fun and start adding your flavours, making sure that you press tare after each addition. Before you know it you will have mixed your entire recipe- with little to no mess to clean up. Congratulations, you have just mixed your first batch of E-juice using weight! Now that you know the basic for mixing E-juice batches, you can try experimenting with other flavours and really have some fun with which flavours you add, or try testing a lower of higher nicotine dosage.

Hopefully this guide is helpful for when you decided to finally take the leap and make your very own E-juices. It’s relatively simple to do and doesn’t require too much time or equipment. So go ahead and make your own batch of delicious E-juices, today! 


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