If you’ve decided you want to start vaping and kick your cigarette habit, it’s likely you’ll be confused when starting out. There’s so much kit around and things may start to look a little bit complicated. There are so many different types of E-cigs in the UK these days and lots of people have opinions about the best brands for beginners to vaping. With a lot of new information to take in and conflicting ideas and opinions, it can quickly get overwhelming, and you may not know which E-cigarette is right for you. In this article we will go through some of the things you should think about when switching from cigarettes to vaping. We will look at budgeting, and the world of E-liquids, a huge part of the vaping experience. 

Choosing An E-cigarette: Types Of Vaping Devices

These are E-cigarettes that look quite similar to tobacco cigarettes. Many people choose to invest in one of these because they like the familiarity of holding a device that looks like a cigarette. Cigalikes have small batteries and the E-liquid and heating coil are contained in a cartomizer. 

Tank Systems
Tanks systems have a size which can be compared to a mid-sized cigar or a marker pen. These do not look like their cigalike counterparts. They have a tank which is used to contain the replaceable coils and E-liquid and the batteries last much longer than that of the cigalikes. Tank systems start vaporising the E-liquid when you press and hold a button, and are sometimes known as “e-go” style E-cigarettes after an older, famous device. 

E-cig Mods
E-cig mods are the biggest of all of the E-cigarette devices. These come in a range of shapes and sizes and mostly have a box shaped look to them- especially the modern shapes. These have much bigger and longer lasting batteries than the other systems and can support a larger range of different tanks. 

Thinking About Budgeting
Now you know what the different types of E-cigarettes are you need to think about how you’ll budget for yours. Switching to vaping will definitely save you money in the long run but the start-up costs are rather high so you should bear that in mind. You remember when you would go to a shop to get your cigarettes, simply lighting one up? Well vaping is completely different. You’re going to need an E-cigarette, a tank and some vape juice. Once you’re set up with the basics most of the remaining costs are spent buying new coils and E-liquid. The costs are not very high but they need to be considered! The best advice is to try out vaping before committing to spending more on a big purchase, especially if you’re interested in getting one of the pricier devices. 

Getting To Grips With E-liquids
When making the switch from cigarettes to vaping many new users are confused about how to choose nicotine strength. If you’re a heavy smoker you’ll definitely want to start out on a higher nicotine strength otherwise you may find yourself reverting back to smoking tobacco and you don’t want that! It’s recommended that you start of at least 20ml nicotine strength when you first start out and see how you go from there. Some people end up staying at that level whilst others find that they can taper the dose down over time. The nicotine levels come in several strengths: high, medium, low and zero. It’s important to look at your own smoking habits as a guide and also think about how much you normally smoke on a day to day basis. Many new vapers who have switched from tobacco tend to opt for very high doses of nicotine when choosing their Best E-liquids and this is because they are often scared of the withdrawal symptoms that a lack of nicotine will give them. However if you do your research and choose an adequate nicotine dose, you shouldn’t have any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

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