New to vaping? There will be plenty of time to learn the ins and outs, but first off make sure you tackle these mistakes first.

There’s no shame in saying you’ve made a few embarrassing mistakes whilst vaping. We’ve all been newbies at some point in our lives. Whether you’ve just switched from smoking to vaping or you’re just trying it out, the ins and outs can be difficult to get your head around. Part of the problem lies in the many components and preparations that come with the device and vape liquid themselves, others come from the rapidly changing laws surrounding vaping. Whatever problems you encounter when vaping, they’re easily learnt from. Here are just a few of them.

Finding the perfect device

People have different tastes. SO when it comes to finding the device which works for you, it’s easier said than done. Many people will go for the best looking device but if you’re a vaping beginner it may be best to start with the easy devices first. Go for a simple to use vape pen, or if you’re an ex-smoker invest in a cigalike.

Vaping at work

Because laws are currently more lenient with vaping, many people make the assumption that you can just vape at work. Make sure that you always ask your boss before you start blowing clouds around the office. It might smell nice to you but your co-workers may think differently.

Vaping in a restaurant

One of the big etiquette no no’s according to recent surveys is vaping whilst eating in a restaurant. This can cause turned heads and a lot of embarrassing attention you’d rather not deal with. Just enjoy your meal and leave the vaping for later!

Untrusted vendors

Unless you want a warranty-less vape device which short circuits on the first puff, then make sure you check your vendor before you buy. Whether it’ looking them up on line or reading reviews, vape devices need to be quality made to work to their optimum capacity.

Finding the right liquid ratio

When it comes to investing in vape juices,always check the PG and VG content before you buy. Whilst higher PG amounts enhance the flavour, higher VG levels make the cloud production far heftier. Decide what your preference is before investing in the wrong ratio.

Finding the right nicotine strength

This is an important one if you want to avoid overdosing on nicotine. Overdose sounds worse than it is, but more nicotine in your system than you’re used to can leave you feeling nauseous. With up to 18 mg of nicotine available in your vape liquid and a minimum of 0 mg, you have all the freedom in the world to find the right content for you.

Mods are not for beginners

Looking at investing in an unregulated mod? These devices are made for vape DIY’ers, meaning that a lot of the kit inside is for people who know how to make their own coils and now about Ohms law to the point where they can pin point their perfect wattage. If you’re not quite there yet, then perhaps go for a simpler device.

Not changing your coil

Starting to get a burnt taste in your vape? This may be because you haven’t changed your coil. The coil is the wire within your vape which heats up the eliquid, the electric current from the battery running through it. This becomes hot over time, creating hot spots whilst also accumulating dirt. This means that after a while, you’ll need to replace your coil.

Not storing your ejuice correctly

When buying vape juice,keep in mind that you’ll need to store it correctly. Vape juices can be ruined by sunlight, being stored the wrong way up and improper care, leading to leakages and some funky tasting juice. Some vape juices need to be “steeped” before use. This involves giving it time to ferment, much like a fine wine or cheese.

Choosing a material

Some materials are more delicate than others. Find the design that suits your style and the material which most suits your way of life. If you want a vape for when you’re on the go then it’d best to look into the more sturdy plastics and metals on the market. If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous and delicate, check out the wide range of ceramic and glass vape devices.

Vape liquid

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