Vaping is one of the most popular smoking cessation tools on the market today. With so many different devices and juices to choose from, a whole world awaits those looking to make the switch from tobacco. That being said, it can still be quite the jump, especially with so much choice out there in regards to devices, and the fact that you’ll have to invest in a whole new set of vaping gear, a starter kit as they are often called. You’ll also see a physical change in yourself when you stop smoking, all feeding into larger worries about how big a step it is to quit. Below are some of the standard queries about vaping answered, ranging from vape maintenance to nicotine withdrawal.

Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Experts have published studies which, put simply, prove that vaping is 98 percent less dangerous than smoking. With tobacco smoke holding over 400 toxic chemicals and at least 40 carcinogens, vapour and it’s heat not burn alternative prove that it is a far safer way to get your nicotine. Part of the reason for this is in the very fact that vapes are “heat not burn” devices. This means that they don’t rely on a flame to unlock their nicotine, instead vaporising water mixed with nicotine. This essentially means that none of the terrible chemicals are unlocked in the process of heating e liquid, which is made of only four ingredients.

What’s the best vape device for a beginner?

This is a question which comes down to personal preference. In general though, ex-smokers tend to prefer vaping experiences which resemble the smoking experience, at first at least. These “cigalike” devices often look like cigarettes and have a higher propylene glycol ratio and a high nicotine concentration. This makes the throat hit more potent, and encourages mouth to lung vaping, resembling the way that people usually smoke. Cigalikes are cheap, easy to use and often disposable, with limited flavour cartridges. Vape pens are the next level up, and are usually the next step in the ex-smokers journey. These often have ergonomic temperature control settings and easy to fill up vape tanks.

Does vapour contain formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical which there have been known to be traces of in vape juice. That being said, the levels measured in exhaled vapour have been so small they’ve hardly been any more prevalent than what is in the air anyway. Be warned though, formaldehyde can make its presence all too known if you fail to maintain your vape device. A burnt coil and overcooked vape juice can produce formaldehyde through the break down of the propylene glycol in the e cig liquid. Simple maintenance of your vape device should stop this from happening, and it is only prolonged exposure, say if you were chain vaping formaldehyde heavy vape juice for weeks or months at a time.

What is popcorn lung and should i be worried?

Popcorn lung is a condition which causes bronchiolitis, an inflammation and damaging of the lung lining. The chemical that causes it is called diacetyl. In large concentrations and in direct exposure it can cause popcorn lung, which has been known to be fatal. Traces of diacetyl have been identified in some vape juices, causing international uproar and an end to the use of the chemical in vape liquids. This means that there are not very many vape juices containing diacetyl left on the market, and even the ones that do won’t have a huge effect on you, it is only prolonged and direct exposure to the chemical that causes any damage.

How do you charge a vape device?

Vape devices are usually powered by batteries, either internal or external. If you have an internal battery, your device will be charged by a USB port which connects to the device. If it is an external battery, then your battery can be taken out of the device and recharged separately.

Is vaping more or less expensive than smoking?

With the TPD regulations and the distinct rise in price of tobacco, vape liquids are monumentally cheaper than tobacco and e cigarettes. With bottles of vape juice going for as little as £3 per 10 ml bottle and device as little as £20, you’ll be getting a lot more bang for your buck.

Is vape juice dangerous?

Vape juice is not for drinking, period. Vape juice contains concentrated nicotine solution which is very dangerous if ingested without being heated up. This is why many vape juice bottles have child proof lids, and is also one of the reasons why you should handle bottles very carefully indeed. Even organic vape liquids still contain concentrated nicotine, and ensuring that you understand the risks surrounding it is very important indeed.

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