Vape mods come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a boxy rebuildable mod or a small temperature control device, there’s plenty to get your hands on at our vape shop No 1 E Juice. Whilst larger mods are great for durable long term vaping, sometimes a smaller device comes in handy, especially if on the go. A smaller device doesn’t necessarily mean less heat output and a lower wattage, in this day and age vaping technology has grown to include a wide range of high powered and sub ohm capable devices, allowing for portable and powerful vaping.

Below are a selection of the best vape mods, catering to your cloud chasing needs whilst allowing you to go about your day to day life without a worry about the clunky piece of metal in your pocket.

The Ram BF Box Mod

From the clever vapers at WOTOFO and Stenorian, the Ram BF is a box mod which fits snugly in your pocket whilst also ensuring alluring style and stunning wattage output. With a fire button which is plated with 24k gold, and only needing a single 18650 battery, this vape mod gives you everything you need for a stand out device which will undoubtedly turn heads. The Ram BF is also one of the most affordable bottom feeder mods on the market, giving you a wide range of BF atomiser options. This versatile mod is also made of redwood style casing, giving it a stylish look which comes in a blue textured marble finishes.

Green Ram BF Box Mod

This is another example of the prime engineering from WOTOFO and Stenorian. This time, the marbled finish comes in green instead of blue. Again this bottom feeder device is fitted with the gold plated firing button and single 18650 battery capability. With its portable size and striking looks, this eye catching device is one for the connoisseurs looking for a pick up and go mod. The bottom feeder element is suitable for a wide range of BF atomisers and gives a high wattage output for your big cloud needs. With a 510 adapter kitted out with one peek capabilities, you can make sure your device never overheats.

Purple Ram BF Box Mod

The purple version of WOTOFO and Stenorian’s amazing BF box mod comes with a marbled purple and yellow swirling exterior. The redwood style finish is made of noble padauk or resin material, ensuring sturdy durability with a soft feel finish. The gold plated firing button is still there, standing out even more on the deep purple colouring and what’s more, this device also comes with an easy to replace battery pack, thanks to the exterior ribbon. This ribbon, connected to the battery pack ensure that you never have to faff around with your vape device and its battery ever again.

N1 Pro 240W Mod

Striped with a dash of red down the side, the slick and stylish N1 Pro is a mod made for on the go vaping. WIth a wide range of add ons, such as a replaceable back cover, you can also choose between using 2 or 3 batteries, whilst also enjoying a range of different modes. WIth an intuitive colour display and adjustable power options, the N1 Pro is a safe yet powerful device for cloud chasing and complete user control over the temperature. On top of this, the versatile N1 Pro comes with a range of modes which can further personalise your vaping experience. With the 240 watts output, bypass output, temper and custom outputs, you can find the perfect vaping experience to suit your tastes and needs.

Subverter 200 watts

With its striking red and black design, the hollow carved exterior of the Subverter brings a unique style and design which makes it stand out from the crowd. With a hefty 200 watts output, the firmware updatable box mod comes with a handy 0.96 inch screen, giving you full control over temperature and wattage controls. With a sub ohm capability, the subverter ensures that you can vape the way you want, whilst also bringing a range of modes to further personalise this rebuildable box mod. The modes included on the Subverter are temperature control mode, TCR mode and curve mode.

Puma 230 watt

The Vapor Storm is a vape device which brings a quirkiness to its design which is unseen in the usually uniform and minimal vape devices on the market. The cartoony graphics on this lightweight device make it a fun breath of fresh air on the vape marketplace. Pair that with a fantastic 200 watt output and an ultra lightweight plastic casing, and you’ve got a portable box mod which caters to ergonomic grip and flexible temperature control. Compatible with dual 18650 batteries, the Puma is as fast as the animal but slightly more colourful!

Pulse BF box mod

Feel the beat with the Pulse mod. This squonk mod maximises vape flavour taste whilst also ensuring the maximum power possible on a vape device. With a range of accessories, including interchangeable front and back covers, this stylish and bold box mod is lightweight and striking. With its bold plastic coloured covers, you can choose the design that suits you the best whilst also ensuring that you get the best temperature control device possible. The package from No 1 E Juice also contains food grade silicone bottles for your dripper needs and a safe locking power switch, to ensure your device never overheats.

CoilArt Azeroth Squonk Mod

Another stunning squonk mod, the beautiful looking Azeroth is a bold black or riveting red beauty which comes with a gold plated firing button for ultimate eye catching,. The aluminium body makes it lightweight and portable, whilst the bottom feeding aspect is intuitive to use. With an intelligent ultem firing button and durable carbon fibre plating, the CoilArt Azeroth is here to stay.

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