Be A Vaper or Smoker? A Discussion about E Cigarette Safety

As a devil's advocate, with all the controversy around e-cigarettes, there are newly reported studies showing that the vapour from e-cigarettes is not simply just water vapour and harmless. Being that these are thevery first study results, they are going to be a huge rant into regulation and restrictions of not only conventional cigarettes but e-cigarettes being treated much the same. Vapour users will have to choose to vape like smokers do, or they will have to stand up and fight the regulations, with counter studies.

According to the recently published study, the vapour is not simply water vapour. That exposure to second hand vapour does affect non vapour users. The testings say that the vapour contains toxins and nicotine in the aerosol that is given off in the vapour. It is stated that the vapour contains toxins that are emitted into the air when vaping. They do conceed that it is in my lower levels compared to conventional cigarette second hand smoke, but claim that it is still dangerous for non-vapers and for indoor air quality.

The study also states that e-cigarettes are not helping people to quit smoking as is the claim of e-cigarette makers. They state that conventional smokers go back and forth between the two and are still getting toxins and releasing them into the air. And they are not benefiting from switching because they do not totally stop smoking. And it states that the nicotine levels while vaping can be as high as conventional cigarettes, even though it does not show nicotine levels as high in plasma as conventional cigarettes.

This study also concluded that the younger generation is beginning to vape as first time users. That the number of first time users of nicotine in the form of e-cigarettes has nearly doubled in the USA and Korea. And that many of the first time users are dual users, smoking conventional cigarettes and vaping. This information, if correct, will be a huge target for regulation and age restrictions.

Other reports still claim that e-cigarettes are safer, because even with the nicotine levels as high and sometimes higher than conventional cigarettes, there arenot near as many other toxinsin vaping. It also admits that nicotine alone is relatively safer than the myriad of other toxins that smokers of conventional cigarettes are exposed to while smoking or in second hand smoke. There is concern about particulate matter in vapour, which is present, but it is seven times higher in conventional cigarettes.

Overall these recent studies are the first results of e-cigarettes, and will be manipulated and used to attempt at regulating the market and restricting usage just as it has been with conventional cigarettes. The results show that e-cigarettes are still safer than conventional cigarettes and seems to be a safer choice if you are trying to stop smoking. 

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