There’s one thing – in addition to e-liquid, of course – that whether you’re vaping via a simple, bog-standard e-cig device or a highly customisable mod, it simply won’t work properly or at all without… a good-quality battery. To wit, choosing the right one precisely for your device and for your future vaping experience is a decision not to be taken lightly – choosing the wrong battery could scar you as a vaping fan for life. So, what should you consider when you are making your battery choice…

‘Safety first’ should be your mantra

Ahead of meeting head-on the task of selecting the right battery, you must first consider safety ahead of everything else. In starkly simple terms, batteries are electrical storage devices; this means they’re clever pieces of kit that house a great deal of potential power, which means that if they’re mishandled and/ or not operated properly they have the potential to cause damage and injury. Eventually, as a vaper, you may wish to modify a vaping device (yes, a mod of some description) but woe betide you should you attempt to ‘mod’ a battery! An attempt to alter how a battery – any battery – works is potentially hazardous and so a dubious, ill-advised move. Don’t do it!

Purchase a protected battery?

Good question and, after weighing up the pros and cons, you might well come to the conclusion that, yes, it’s in your best interests to plump for a protected battery rather than an unprotected one – even though it’s liable to cost a little bit more. In simple terms, a protected battery will comprise small circuits that guard it against the danger of overcharging, as well as unpredictable power surges and overheating. If any of these scenarios occur; don’t doubt it, it’s possible the battery could malfunction to the extent that it may even injure you. Bad news!

Spend to save? Yes, really

Sure; it may sound counter-intuitive, but when it comes to batteries, spending that bit more on them up-front will doubtless pay dividends as time goes on (i.e. you’ll save money in the long run by not having to replace cheap, unreliable batteries on a regular basis). Batteries are among the absolute most significant part of an e-cig device/ mod (given they’re the power source), so why would you choose to skimp on cost and not spend a little bit more to get the fit you really need for your optimum vaping experience?

Bear in mind, though of course, that not all products are created (and manufactured) equally; yet, by and large, allowing your money to go that little bit further in this regard will, in the vast majority of cases, result in buying and fitting a proper high-quality battery – for a safe vaping experience that’s also of the highest possible quality.

Variable charge vs. static

One way to distinguish between vaping device batteries is to consider whether they’re ‘variable charge’ batteries or static batteries. Again, it costs more money to go the variable charge route (even from the likes of an affordable, reliable vape shop Folkestone) but, generally, the consensus is clear – of the two this is the better kind to go for. Why? Well, naturally, it does come down to personal choice in the great scheme of things, but variable charge batteries are considered better than their static counterparts for higher quality, overall better vaping. Why is this? Why, the variable charge part of the name refers to the ability the battery bestows for the power outflow of the device’s coil to be adjusted by the user themselves. This means the temperature of the e-juice being vaped isn’t set in stone and can be altered according to the needs and whims of the vaper concerned. Result, eh!

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