Kristen Sharp, Hawaiian Realtor, could face jail time after she was confronted for Vaping on a plane this week. She was flying to Honolulu from Las Vegas with her electronic cigarette in hand. Things quickly turned ugly when one of the flight attendants asked her to put it away. According to the eyewitness, Sharp was Vaping on her way to the plane and was asked to put it away and she positively responded. However, she later started Vaping again in her seat and other passengers also claimed that she was going to the restroom to Vape as well.

The flight attendant categorically spoke to Sharp about the use of electronic cigarettes and told her why it was not allowed: but that was when things took a downhill turn. In fact, witnesses say that the lady was belligerent and drunk. They told the authorities that she cursed, threw a half full soda can at the flight attendant and even exposed her breasts.

When asked about the incident by detectives, Sharp was apologetic, but claimed that the entire incident was blown out of proportion: Sharp denied the report. Sharp accepted that indeed she put her electronic cigarette away when she was told that it was not allowed on the flight, but she was not happy with being treated badly.

Allegiant Air refused to issue a statement about the incident because of the pending investigation, but they indeed issue a reminder about electronic cigarettes use on flights. The amended FAA regulation prohibits Vaping while boarding an aircraft and requires that any passenger to comply with instructions of the crew members to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Currently, the FBI is carrying out the investigation on the incident, and Sharp could face federal charges if found guilty.

If she is found to have interfered or assaulted the flight attendant, she could face up to 20 years in prison or pay some fine. Honestly, is it reasonable for the feds to get involved in this type of incident? Could this investigation set a new threat that will impact electronic cigarette users who travel by airplane?

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