People normally concentrate on finding the most suitable tank which perfectly matches all of their bespoke requirements if they are going to start vaping regularly. A high-quality e-cigarette is all well and good, but without the right e-juice to hand it can be rendered worthless, as you will not get that important burst of flavour which everyone is looking for.

When you are vaping on the go you do not want to have to take numerous hits in order to get the tiniest of throat hits, and if you do not obtain the maximum flavour from an e-liquid this can be extremely disappointing. Due to the fact that there are so many different vape juices available on the market you might have to try a range of products before finding the perfect match.

If you do not want something overly-filling but still want a hint of sweetness then why not see if Mr Blitz by No1Ejuice fits the bill? It is an incredibly enticing mix of apple, maple syrup and whipped cream, all rolled up in a delicious crepe. Normally, you will have the same thing for breakfast every day, whether it is porridge or cereal, so it is always good to have a bit of a change and see if there is anything else which takes your fancy.

However, if you are desperate for an indulgent treat as you have eaten healthily all week then there is only one vape that you simply have to try. Fried Cream Cakes by Liquid EFX will transport you to the very heart of America, where you can enjoy some awesome fluffy sponge delights, filled to the brim with cream and then fried until golden brown.

And the best thing about vaping with dessert e- liquid flavours is that they contain no calories so you will not feel guilty the morning after the night before. If you decide to sneak downstairs at midnight and help yourself to some chocolate from the fridge then you will have face the consequences the day after. But with a vape you will feel satisfied and still manage to steer away from those snacks secreted on the top shelf.

If you want to recreate childhood memories and bring back the true spirit of Bonfire Night then Apple Caramel Drop E-Juice is both refreshing and gooey, and will make you feel as if you are standing in a field with family and friends watching fireworks go out with a bang. And, who doesn’t feel all warm inside when they think of a fat, fresh, crisp apple, complete with more than a drizzle of glorious caramel syrup?

You do not even need to place an order with the milkman, as you can get an authentic milky flavour from vaping instead. There are plenty of milk-based vape juice products around, such as Milky O’s E-Liquid by The Milkman, which also has the rather wonderful addition of cream-filled chocolate cookies. Vanilla bean ice cream is also blended in order to give it that lovely contrast between being crunchy and smooth, and you will never want the experience to come to an end.

This is the reason why you have to make sure you choose wisely as far as e-juices are concerned. One of the most important things to consider is to make sure you buy all of your supplies from an online retailer or vape shop which is known for its exceptional customer service and range of quality equipment such as tanks and coil heads.

Chargers are also an essential purchase, and they have to be in perfect working order in order to ensure that your tank keeps on doing its job and does not switch off without any given notice. It is incredibly frustrating when you leave the house in the morning and only have a limited amount of charge left on your e-cig, so remember to keep it charged overnight and then you will not need to worry about a thing.

If you want to delve a little deeper and find out more then give No.1 EJuice a call today on 020 8298 7659.

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