3 Tips to Help You Store Your Vape Juices Long Term - What to Know

The majority of the spending done on vaping is the purchase of vape juices to fuel the need for a good hit. It can get extraordinarily expensive if you're very much into premium-grade vape juices. Generally, the price of such liquids has caused many vape-lovers to start developing their juices.

Whichever way you attain your set of favourite e-juice, it helps to know how to store them properly to make sure they last for years to come. Not only will you save lots of money, but it ensures that you'll have a stock that will not go bad when you finally use them.

Here are three tips to help store your e-liquids for the long term:

1. Seal the Bottles Tight

Air is one of the biggest threats to e-liquids. If air ever manages to find its way into a bottle of vape juice, you might as well pour the rest out into the sink. Of course, we're exaggerating the degenerative properties of air to your containers, but with such an expensive investment with e-liquids, one can never be too safe.

With that said, whenever you're handling your vape juices, make sure to minimize their exposure to air as much as possible. If you find yourself transferring liquids from one bottle to the other, be very careful not to let air enter the container. Also, if you've bought or stored a lot of juice in a large bottle, separate the contents into individual small bottles. That way, when you open a small container, the rest of the liquid is safely sealed away in their containers.

2. Use Dark Glass Bottles

To ensure that your e-liquid does not spoil or change, ensure that they're stored in dark-coloured glass bottles, not plastic. The dark colour ensures that no light penetrates the liquid, which could change the chemical composition of the fluid. As for the glass, it stops any possible bottle leaching that could alter the liquid inside like how plastic bottles do. In addition to that, glass is not as porous as plastic either, preventing any possibilities of air entering the substance.

3. Find a Dark, Cool, and Dry Storage Area

As previously mentioned, a dark bottle helps prevent light from altering the liquid inside the bottle. If you do not have glass containers that are tinted, store them in a shaded area for the same results. Heat also alters the chemical composition of your vape juice. As you know, light contains heat, so by making sure your liquids are away from those two, they'll last a long time.

The best spots we can recommend to you to store your e-juice are in the fridge, but just in case you do not want anyone else getting their hands on your juices, you can store them in any dark, cool, and dry area.

In conclusion, by following our tips to storing your vape juices long term, you save plenty of money having to replace spoiled juices. Sit back and relax, knowing that your favourite flavours are always available, ready to be placed inside your vape device, and drawn out for maximum flavour.

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