E-cigarettes are being by many health professionals around the world as being less harmful for your health than traditional cigarettes. With the buzz around vaping seemingly here to stay, let’s look at 10 of the most commonly asked questions about these electronic devices, and provide some much needed insight.

1.Are E-cigarettes Really Safer Than Tobacco Smoking?

The short answer is- yes! Smoking has been associated with a plethora of very serious health risks, and contains harmful chemicals and toxins. Replacing your tobacco with e-cigarettes will substantially decrease the risk for any health risks.

2.Is Nicotine Dangerous?

Nicotine isn’t dangerous in that it doesn’t cause cancers and smoke-related diseases but it is however, addictive. Many people believe that you can overdose or get poisoning from the nicotine in e-cigarettes which simply isn’t true. If you ingest more nicotine than your body is used to you may feel lightheaded or nauseas, both of which quickly pass, but that’s about it.

3.Do E-cigarettes Contain Harmful Chemicals And Can They Combust?

Some e-cigarettes have been shown to contain harmful chemicals but the studies done aren’t entirely reliable. When good quality e-cigarettes are used there are definitely much fewer harmful chemicals present than those found in tobacco smoke.

There have been a few reported instances of e-cigarettes causing fires but these are still far fewer than the dangerous fire hazards caused by cigarettes. Taking precautions when using your e-cigarette, such as buying a genuine charger from e-cigarette suppliers and not leaving the device unattended, will be immensely helpful in the longevity and safety of your e-cigarette.

4.Should You Smoke And Vape At The Same Time?

There’s nothing wrong smoking and vaping at the same time but ultimately the aim should be to kick the tobacco smoking habit completely. Transitioning from smoking to vaping can be a long process, and some people take longer than others. It’s advisable to try out different e-cigarettes and e-liquids to find one which is right for you, and ensure you don’t revert back to smoking.

5.Which Is The Best E-cigarette To Start With?

There is no one e-cigarette that is the best to start your vaping journey. With so many brands, flavours and sizes to choose from it’s a purely personal decision. However it would be a smart choice to use the refillable tank system e-cigarettes which will give you access to more flavours and deliver more nicotine than the e-cigarettes that resemble tobacco cigarettes. Talking to e-cigarette retailers will be helpful as they’ll be able to advise you on what suits your current needs.

6.Can I Still Access Stop Smoking Services If I Use E-cigarettes?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you use e-cigarettes, the service can still help you to quit and support you along the way. Stop Smoking Services have trained and dedicated practitioners who are there to provide behavioural help and also help you access approved stop smoking medications. Using Stop Smoking Services will give you the best chance at quitting smoking altogether so it’s definitely worth it.

7.How Should I Use My E-cigarette If I Want To Stop Smoking?

Using an e-cigarette is very different from smoking a cigarette, when you use e-cigarettes you generally take less pulls and take longer drags. You may find that you use it at times when you wouldn’t necessarily have smoked a cigarette but that’s fine. Unlike a cigarette, which you smoke from start to finish, e-cigarettes can be put away and used once or twice at a time. If you find you are using it a little too much, you may need to use a stronger vape juice.

8. Are E-cigarettes A Cheaper Alternative To Smoking?

Yes, e-cigarettes are much cheaper than buying cigarettes in the long run, and you will notice the financial changes immediately. The starter kit for the tank style devices can be anywhere from £20 to £70 and this should be a one of purchase if you look after your device. The atomiser (or heating coil) will only need to be replaced occasionally for a few pounds and you’ll spend around £3.00 for 10ml of e-liquid.

9.Can I Use My E-cigarette In ‘No Smoking’ Areas?

There are some restrictions regarding where you can use e-cigarettes. Many hospitals, stadiums and train stations have banned the use of the devices whilst others have not. You are best advised to always ask before you take your e-cigarette out in an establishment just in case. Some places banned e-cigarettes because member of the confusion caused by whether they were real cigarettes or not. Remaining polite and courteous to other non-smokers is always the best option when you’re in public.

10.Is The Second-hand Vapour From E-cigarettes Dangerous?

There is no evidence that second hand e-cigarette vapour is dangerous to other people. Though some studies have shown that there are trace amounts of toxic chemicals in second-hand e-cigarette vapour it is not in the same amounts as the cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes. It is always advisable to store your vape juices away safely as you would with any other household medicines and products, to prevent children from accidently poisoning themselves.  


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