A Beginner's Guide to Vape Kits UK Vape Shops Sell

A Beginner's Guide to Vape Kits UK Vape Shops Sell

When it comes to Vape kits, UK vape shops sell versions that have significantly changed since the invention of the e-cigarette in 2003. But with so many different options and flavours to choose, beginners can be overwhelmed. So we’ve prepared a guide to different types of vapes to get you familiar with them.

Different Types of Vape Kits UK

Generally speaking, there are four different types of vape kits. UK vape shops usually have all of them:

  • Cig-A-Like
  • Pod mods
  • Vape pens
  • Mods

Each of these categories has improved since their launching. There are now third-generation vape kits that have features previous generations didn’t. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy second-generation mods or first-generation vape pens if they work for you.

Let’s start with Cig-A-Likes because they’re the standard choice for beginners:


As the name might suggest, a Cig-A-Like device looks like a cigarette. The manufacturer’s main goal was to design something that would mimic cigarettes, yet help folks get rid of the nasty smoking habit.

Its simplicity is one of the significant reasons entry-level vapers choose Cig-A-Like. To use it, all you’ve got to do is replace the cartridges that come with your Cig-A-Like or fill it with e-liquid. It’s simple as that.

The great thing about Cig-A-Likes is their portability. Put them in a pocket and take them anywhere. They also tend to use less e-juice, so users don’t need to spend so much additional money on it.

Most vapers start with Cig-A-Like and transition to something else that offers a stronger vaping experience.

Pod Mods

The second type are Pod mods. They look similar to Cig-A-Likes but boast improved features. Their design enables easier vaping of nic salts, making this device great for those who want to feel the nicotine kick, but stop smoking.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are similar to Cig-A-Likes, but their battery life is longer, making them more appealing to vapers. They also deliver larger clouds because the vape you inhale goes to the lungs. For that reason, they’re more suitable for experienced vapers.

Many folks like vape pens because they can be used with vape oils and concentrates. That said, the flavours are much more enhanced with vape pens than Cig-A-Like devices. Since they come in a variety of designs and colours, every vaper can find something they like.


A vape mode is an advanced type of vape kits. UK users should know that these come with fantastic advanced features. Since they contain a sub-ohm coil instead of a battery, they have more firepower than their predecessors.

Many vapers love the fact that they can customize a vape mode. For example, it’s possible to increase or decrease the voltage to adjust the power output. This gives users the ability to choose the flavour intensity and cloud production.

Plus, it’s even possible to regulate the temperature and keep it static. This kind of smart technology is appealing to many vapers as it reduces dry and burnt hits.

Find Your Perfect Vape Kit UK

As you can see, all the vape kits UK vape shops sell feature attractive properties. Some are more suitable for beginners because of their user-friendly design; others are for experienced vapers. There are also devices perfect for nicotine lovers who want to stop smoking but still want the flavour.

If you’re a beginner, start with the Cig-A-Like or a pod mod. They’re easy to use and not a huge investment.

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