5 Reasons Why Box Mod Vaporisers Are The Best Vapes of 2020

Now that vaping has spread all across the world as a trending recreational hobby, there are numerous manufacturers popping up to join in on the economical boom. This has lead to the development of numerous types and classifications of vape mods, each tailored towards a different type of vaping experience.

One of the increasingly trendy types of vapes is the box mod vaporiser. Classified as such because of its boxy shape, this mod has become popular for its exceeding power and user-centric functionality. As one of the more personalised types of vape kits, many long-time vapers are switching out their bet-up vape pens for this powerful unit.

To cement this point even further, here are five of the biggest reasons that vapers are witching to the box mod vaporiser.

Extensive Customisation and Personalisation

One of the most basic reasons that attract many new vapers to the box mod is that it is incredibly customisable. The tank of box mods is incredibly attractive and personalisable, as many manufacturers offer different types of designs, colours, and overall looks for it.

Beyond this basic aesthetic enhancement, the detachable nature of the atomiser makes it interchangeable as well. Different vapers can try different brands of atomisers, helping them customise their overall vaping experience.

Total Wattage and Power Control

What attracts more experienced vapers, on the other hand, is the total control you have over your vaping experience. Box mods tend to be more expensive than most starter kits and pens due to the mechanism of the vape itself. It has a digital interface that is supported by an advanced software which allows you to alter the wattage and power of your mod.

Subtle changes can change your throat hit, favour intensity, and vapour production. While this can overwhelm beginners, long-time vapers can appreciate this asset of the box mod vaporiser.

Impressive Temperature Control Regulation

In addition to control over the aesthetic and vape production, you can even control the temperature of your vaping experience. While this feature is lost on the unknowing vaper, long time vapers will understand the lack of differing vape temperatures of more traditional basic mods. Through the box mod, you can optimise your experience and avoid dry hits entirely.

Exceedingly Long Battery Life

One of the biggest turnoffs that vapers have with the box mod is its size—but this aspect of it also hands in one of its bigger benefits: the battery size. Its boxy appearance is made up for in terms of its long battery life. Many box mods are at least double the size and capacity of your regular pen vape, thus allowing a user to enjoy longer usage and vape sessions.

Sub-Ohm Vape Compatible

Vaping isn’t just a recreational hobby in today’s age—it’s slowly becoming an art. With many vapers getting attracted to huge vape clouds for doing vaping tricks, the sub-ohm vaping culture has slowly risen in trend. Sub-ohm vapes utilise an atomiser with a less than one-ohm resistance level. This then creates more vapour and intense flavour experiences—one that box mod vaporisers are capable of adapting to.


One of the best ways to enter the vaping community is through the use of a box mod vaporiser. As complicated as the system might be, its benefits contribute towards an incredible vaping experience—one that you will most definitely enjoy and appreciate.

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