5 Beginner Mistakes People Make With Their First Vape

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The moment you buy your first vape starter kit is the time you say goodbye to cancer sticks and say hello to a better alternative. While many vape mod kits are easy to use and involve pouring liquids, closing up the atomizer, and inhaling and exhaling, there is often more to it. 

Beginners who buy their first vape starter kit often make very costly mistakes, and these can be prevented by asking the vape shop owner or those who hang around with the cool vape mods. When it comes to enjoying your favourite e-liquids, there are some things you need to keep in mind, as vapes are often not a fire-and-forget system. Here are the most common mistakes beginner cloud chasers make with their first units:

Firing the Vape Dry

Never, ever fire your vape kit dry. If you use a vape with cotton, this will toast the cotton, creating a burnt taste when using it. When the material is left dry, and the coil is fired, this can also be a fire hazard. Ensure that you fire the vape only when it is about to be used. Damaging the vape mod kit will be a costly repair, and you will likely need to buy new replacement parts for the coil, cotton, and maybe even the battery if fired with a high wattage.

Forgetting to Prime the Coil

Adding onto the previous point, the cotton and coil must be well-lubricated by your vape e-liquids to ensure good flavour and safety. The cold and thick feeling of vapour entering your throat and into your lungs will indicate that you are doing it right. If you feel a burning sensation, then it might mean that you didn’t lubricate the tank or atomizer enough. 

Leaving the Coil Stock for a Long Time

As time flies, the coil will need replacement. It will often develop gunk and grime, and scorching as it is heated up to intense temperatures to burn the e-liquids. This buildup will cause an uneven burn of juices and make it taste charred or odd. Change the coil from time to time, as these are often not very expensive to replace. Some vape mods also make changing coils easy to do for even the most novice vapers. 

Having a Petri Dish of Vape Juices on the Cotton

When vaping different flavours, be sure to vape the cotton dry before applying another flavour. Mixing the juices can have harsh effects on the cotton and even the coil, as different kinds of e-liquids have different materials. While this will give off a weird flavour, especially when mixing tobacco juices with fruity liquids, it will also cause uneven taste notes with future use, as the cotton absorbs all these flavours. When dried, the cotton will be difficult to reverse, which will likely require a replacement. 

Using Intense Wattage

Fat clouds are cool and all, but be sure that your vape starter kit is rated to handle high wattages. Remember that lower-quality devices will always be more unsafe when placed at higher wattages, and some may even explode if not appropriately rated. Purchase your vape mods from a legitimate vape store in the UK to ensure that the product purchased is of quality. Many mid-tier and known brands are rated for high wattages, so it is up to you to choose and look around the vape shop to see what works for you. 


These five tips to keep you safe when vaping are going to make the experience better and smoother overall. By taking care of your vape starter kit, you will experience the world of cloud chasing. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you might even think of an upgrade down the line! With the variety of vape mods and other kits and e-liquids available, anything is possible.

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