3 Practical Tips for Storing Your Vape Juice - What to Know

Vaping has been all the rage these days. One of the good things about vaping is that you can explore various e-liquid flavours. There are fun and excitement that come with trying different flavours, from trying mentholated vape juice to savouring fruity vape juice. If you’ve been vaping for quite a while now, you’ve probably been collecting e-juices and already have storage for them.

Proper storage for your e-liquid collection is crucial in protecting the juice’s integrity and flavour. There’s no specific expiration for e-liquid, but you want your vape juices to last for about a year or two. Nothing can be frustrating than finding out that your e-juice is spoiled, leaving an unpleasant odour and a bad taste in your mouth.

So how do you have proper storage for your vape juice collection? Here are three valuable tips to take note of:

1. Avoid direct heat on your e-juice storage

Know that heat is the enemy of your e-liquid collection. Why? It creates a chemical reaction to perishable items—your vape juice included. The hotter the product is, the more chemical breakdown will occur. Think about why most goods are put in the fridge to last for as long as possible.

Your e-juice doesn’t necessarily have to be stored in a refrigerator. However, you may want to keep your vaping collection in a cool and dry place. Make sure that it is away from direct sunlight, near heating appliances, or a hot environment. You don’t want it to end up with bad flavours.

2. Regulate the light and air on your e-juice storage

It’s worth knowing that air and light can also have a negative impact on your e-liquid products. Why? The UV rays from the sun can cause the nicotine concentration in your vape juice to weaken. The same is true when it gets exposed to oxygen from too much air. As a result, the oxygen reacts with the nicotine and produces cotinine. Over time, the nicotine content on your e-juice remains less, thereby affecting its overall flavour.

It’s best to store your e-liquid collection away from light, such as direct sunlight and near light bulbs. Make sure the environment isn’t airy, such as getting your vape juice exposed to air outdoor. Doing so will ensure a longer lifespan of your e-juice collection.

3. Consider proper storage for e-juice

There are a few guidelines to consider, as far as e-liquid storage is concerned. Take note of the following:

  • Make sure to have your vape juice in tinted glass bottles. These will keep out direct sunlight and preserve the flavour.
  • Keep the bottles covered very tightly. Doing so will prevent air from getting in that can spoil your vape juice.
  • For tracking purposes, label your e-juice bottle with the date of purchase. As mentioned, e-liquid products can last for about a year or two.


As a vaping aficionado, your e-liquid collection is an investment. Whether you collect them for personal use, share them with your level-headed vapers, or sell these vaping products, proper storage is a must. That said, make sure to follow the valuable tips outlined above. Doing so will prolong the life and flavour of your favourite bottles for a great vaping experience.

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