Vape Juice Expiration: What You Need to Know

Are you a vape user or a vape juice hoarder who is curious about whether your vape juice is still okay for consumption? All products with ingredients would eventually spoil, but how would you know if your e-juice is already in bad condition? Here at No.1 EJuice, we only want you to have the best vaping experience. Below, we’ll tell you what you need to know to make sure you’re only using an e-liquid in its best condition.    

The Lifespan of a Vape Juice

E-liquids have no standardised expiration date. Because there’s no official guidance about this topic, people are not adequately informed about vape juice’s shelf life. Even so, some necessary details can help you gauge the lifespan of your vape juice. 

Here are some facts to keep in mind: 

  • The majority of vape juice can last between one to two years. However, it changes depending on the nicotine content and flavourings used in each bottle. 
  • Once flavourings are added to your vape juice, the liquid begins to steep. Similar to wine and cheese, the flavour would mature and deepen over time.
  • Steeping time is required to make each flavour reach its optimum condition. However, too much steeping could bring out the unpleasant taste of your vape juice. 
  • When your vape juice develops this unpleasant flavour, that’s when your vape juice has “gone bad.” However, this won’t bring any harm to the user’s health. It would only give the user a displeasing vaping experience.

How to Properly Store Your Vape Juice

Vape juice has a long shelf life, in general, but that is if you know how to store it properly. Here are some important notes to remember if you want to stock up on your favourite vape juice and save them for a long time. 

  • Make sure that your bottle is tightly sealed. When air and bacteria reach the juice, it will spoil.
  • Store your vape juice away from direct sunlight. The heat from the sun can affect the nicotine and flavour of your e-juice. It changes the colour of your e-liquid, and a darker colour tastes unpleasant. Excessive heat can also increase the steeping process of the juice, and that could mean a thinner composition over time. 
  • Never store your juice inside the fridge. Additional moisture can only encourage microbiological contamination, especially if the bottle has been opened. 
  • The best place to store your vape juice is in a room temperature storage without any access to direct sunlight. This condition will give less impact on your e-liquid.  

Signs That Your Vape Juice May Have Gone Bad

If you have any of these signs, it’s better to get a new juice.

  • The vape liquid colour has turned dark.
  • The smell is different, emitting a stronger scent than normal.
  • There is a visible decomposition of ingredients. 
  • You notice bubbles in the mixture.


A vape juice gone bad won’t technically cause you any serious harm. However, if you’re having second thoughts about consuming it, it’s better to get yourself a new one. A vape juice gone bad will taste different, and there is no point in enduring its unpleasant and strong taste. Make your vaping experience better by buying yourself a new bottle. 

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