A Detailed Guide to Fixing Your Leaking Vape Tank

Whether you are new to vaping or already experienced at the hobby, one problem you are likely to encounter in time is a leaky tank. You might reach for your vape and find it sticky with eliquid, with your belongings ruined by the fluid. It is incredibly inconvenient, but luckily, there are plenty of solutions and fixes for a leaky vape tank. 

Before we go into how you can solve this problem, we must first explore the underlying causes of leaking: 

Improper filling of the tank

Even if your tank or whole device is new, improper eliquid filling can cause leaks. When refilling your tank, make sure that no eliquid is spilt into the chimney. This is the tube that runs through the middle of the tank and into the mouthpiece. If any fluid is spilt into the chimney, it can cause the tank to gurgle and leak. To avoid making this mistake, take your time refilling the tank and make sure to have paper towels on hand to drain any spills.

A damaged O-ring

The O-ring is the rubber ring found at the top of the tank. It is integral to keeping the tank tightly sealed, as it prevents fluid from seeping out from through the seams. As with all things, however, wear and tear will eventually cause the O-ring to fail. It might rip or tear, causing precious eliquid to leak from your device. Fortunately, it is easy enough to replace these rings by ordering from online vape shops. It is as easy as taking your tank apart and replacing your damaged rings.

Improperly storing your device

Regularly storing or transporting your device in a horizontal position can cause a leak. The juice might leak through the device’s airflow holes over time. The best way to fix this is by avoiding keeping the tank in a horizontal position. Make sure it is upright, especially if you plan to travel with it. 

Faulty coils

This might seem a bit of a stretch, but faulty coils can cause a leaky tank. If the coil is old and needs replacing, it might not be able to wick the juice properly, causing the tank to leak from the airflow holes. This can also happen if your coil is not screwed in and secured all the way. Should the problem persist, consider replacing your coil by ordering a new one. 

Improper or irregular maintenance

If the tank is not regularly cleaned, juice residue might lead to issues with the tank’s seal, causing leaks. As such, it is paramount that you clean your tank regularly to prevent these residues from causing temporary or permanent damage. Regular maintenance can also help you discover and address issues with your device before they become bigger and more expensive problems. 

In conclusion

If your tank is leaking, fear not. The wonderful thing about how modern vapes are designed is that the parts are easily replaceable. With just a few tweaks and regular maintenance, you could ensure your eliquids are resting safely within the tank, free from leaks. 

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