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Vaping is a recreational activity that allows you to create enormous clouds and enjoy a wide range of delicious flavours. Menthol, sweet, fruity—you can fill your vape tank with any flavour you want to delight in, and you are in for some one-of-a-kind taste and experience that only vapes could offer.

If you are wondering about which flavours are worth trying, then this guide is for you. Here, we listed down some well-loved flavours that are sure to suit every taste—from those with a sweet tooth to those who crave the taste of tobacco.


Fruity flavours are perfect for vapers who love sweets. While all of these taste saccharine, each has distinctive traits that make it special from all the other flavours. Some of the most common fruit flavours you can easily find in online vape stores are apple, banana, berry, grape, jackfruit, kiwi, mango, mangosteen, peach, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon.


Candies are one of the most popular vape flavour categories. Regardless of whether you have a sweet tooth or not, these savoury flavours are truly delightful. The nostalgic taste of your favourite candy can also let you relive childhood memories that you cherish forever and allow you to reunite and stay in touch with your inner child. 


It is normal to long for the familiar taste of tobacco, most especially if you are just getting started in vaping. If you are a smoker, and you want to ease your transition to quitting cigarettes, then a tobacco-flavoured vape can help keep you off of smoking. The best thing about this is that it does not have the burned tobacco taste and smell, and its taste can even be improved with additional flavourings.


You can now enjoy your favourite beverages in vape flavours. That is especially helpful if you are trying to avoid alcohol, coffee, or dairy, but you still want to appease your cravings. Some of the most popular drink flavours you can try are cocktails, coffee, juice, soda, strawberry, milk, tea, and whiskey.


If you used to be a smoker and were a fan of menthol cigarettes, then you may consider filling up your tank with menthol e-juice flavours. From cool mint to icy blast, you can choose a menthol range that refreshes and reinvigorates your taste buds. To enjoy that unique cooling sensation, you can try menthol, menthol tobacco, peppermint, and spearmint. 


Aside from drinks, candies, desserts, and other tasty treats, you can also enjoy your favourite foods in the form of e-liquid flavours. If you are interested in the experience of “inhaling” cereals, french toast, or pancakes—and even bacon—then you should definitely try out various meal-inspired vape flavours.


Vaping has an extraordinary appeal that attracts smokers and non-smokers alike. Whether you are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes or finding a new way to destress and chill, this activity is surely enjoyable by yourself and with friends. 

E-juices come in a wide array of flavours, so you are sure to find one—or some—that perfectly suits your taste. The complex world of various flavours and different experiences await you; all you have to do is to choose a flavour and take a hit.

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