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Everyone is jumping onto the vaping trend, but maybe your friends just need a bit of encouragement to do the same. They may be in denial at first or be shocked when you ask, but there are signs that will validate your presumptions. 

If you are the vaping minority among your peeps, you can easily spot the signs that they may fancy a vaping sesh for themselves. But how exactly can you tell? This article lays out four signs to look out for. Remember, these typically happen when you are loading up your vape liquid and vaping away, so keep your eyes peeled when you do: 

1. When you get shifting glares while you vape

This is the most obvious sign of vaping denial. They will steal looks every now and then from a distance. Often, these kinds of peers are the ones who really need convincing, because they will be in denial when you confront them. It’s exactly like when your friend says they don’t fancy someone in high school, but they keep shifting their glare towards their crush when they see them walk along the hallway.  

So what’s the best way to make vaping interesting to them? Give these curious cloud chasers a show! Load up your best vape liquid or e-cig and do your best tricks. Often, this will get your peeps watching, and you can easily catch their glance. Then, you can be coy or friendly about it by saying “hey, you can learn how to do the cloud tricks, too.” This can easily convince any friend of yours to get into their own stock of e-juice and have a  joint vape sesh with you. 

2. When your peeps start to ask questions about vaping 

Aside from taking a glance at you while you vape, they can also ask questions. This is another more subtle sign as it could easily be justified with being curious, but curiosity can just be one step away from trying. 

As a countermeasure, answer their questions and ask your own questions. You can start off by talking about your first vape sesh or your favourite e-juice flavour. Then, you want to play off that vaping is widely accepted. Finally, say that you wouldn’t mind if any of your own peeps vaped with you, and then ask if your friend would oblige. Being backhanded with the invitation to vape can easily turn a curious peer into a vaping convert, so be smooth and honest about vaping with your peeps. 

3. When they fancy you only while you vape

Compared to the two previous signs, this particular one is tricky. This is because you can easily mistake these kinds of peers as a secret admirer. They may be giving you those stolen glares, but you may have to be extra attentive. In fact, you will be shocked to realize that they fancy your e-juice more than you. 

So how can you break the ice with a peer like this? The solution is to simply be upfront with them. Just ask them why they keep looking at you while you vape. You can say it seems rude and that you get disrupted by their voyeurism. Then, once they admit that they may want to vape, bring them to your favourite vape store online.

Browse through with them and point our your favourite e-juice flavours or brands. However, if they happen to say they fancy you and not the vaping, then you have an instant lover on your hands—a win-win situation! 


Just because vaping may be accepted by most communities nowadays, there will still be hesitation, especially among your peeps. Take a moment to read the signs and get them to join in. After all, vaping together as a crew is much more fun than vaping alone!

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