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Vaping can be an intimidating thing to get into, with all the different variations and vape kits and juice flavours out there. Every person’s vaping preferences are unique. As such, there are countless, equally valid ways to vape that are tailored to every individual.

New vapers might be interested in the new Pod Mod systems that are a lot easier to understand and use. Not only are they convenient and portable, but they also require a much smaller learning curve than customizing your own vape kit. 

Here’s some basic information about Pod Mod systems to get you started:

The Closed Pod Mod 

Closed pod mods are disposable. They come pre-filled with e-liquid and can’t be refilled. They don’t require you to purchase bottles of e-liquid separately to top up and are easier to use. 

Closed pod mods are better for go-getters who are constantly on the move and have no time to make refills. A charged battery and a new pod are all it takes. The coils and e-liquids in closed mods are already optimized for the best experience right out of the box.

While options for flavour pods are still quite limited, there are a number of options available from different manufacturers. Options for varying nicotine levels are also available. 

The Open Pod Mod

If you guessed that open pod mods might be refillable, then you’re right. Open pod mods are designed for vapers who like to switch it up every once in a while with a new flavour. They’re also good for people who want to enjoy varying nicotine levels.

This gives pod mods unlimited customizability in terms of flavouring and nicotine content. That means they’re not limited to a manufacturer’s constraints. If you’re already used to regular vape mods, this might be the better option for you.

Open pod mods are traditionally bigger than closed pod mods, so they can fit the refillable pods. Their batteries are also bigger, which can make them bulky in your pockets. If portability is important to you, another model might be better.

How do you choose what’s right for you?

It really depends on your habits and preferences. Regular vaping systems require regular maintenance in the form of cleaning and replacing parts. This can take precious time and energy from someone whose schedule is more demanding.

Closed pod mods can be good for people trying to quit smoking or those who are only looking to vape temporarily. The technology and design of closed pod mods have improved significantly, offering new flavours and a better overall experience, so the experience can be comparable to that of custom flavours.

This is also why closed pod mods are good for beginners. There is no pressure to buy expensive new equipment, and the experience is isolated and easily replicable. 

Open pod mods are better for more experienced vapers who have a vast knowledge of the flavours and nicotine levels they prefer. It also gives them just the right amount of customizability to give them control, but not too much that it can be a hassle.


Whatever you may end up choosing, vaping is a personal experience defined by personal tastes and habits. Don’t be ashamed to choose what’s right for you, whether easier or more complex, whether it’s smaller or bigger, whether it’s with higher nicotine levels or none at all.

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