Mods Vs. Pod Vapes: E-liquid Types, Functionality, and Price Considerations

There is a noticeable increase in the popularity of pod vapes in the community. Pod vapes are one of the two variants of vape devices in terms of applications, functionality, and aesthetics. Mod-type vapes are the other variant. Aside from the smaller and lighter stature of the pod-type vape, there are three considerations for their comparisons—e-liquid type, functionality, and price.   

E-liquid type

Mod-type vapes use e-liquids with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) content, perfect for sub-ohm vaping. Remember that the higher the VG concentration, the thicker and denser the produced vape cloud. The fuller and cotton-candy-like aesthetics of vape clouds enable users to enjoy a plethora of visual satisfaction. When coupled with nicotine-filled e-juice, the sensations skyrocket to newer heights of pleasure. 

The recently famous pod-type vapes are different since their e-juice contains a higher nicotine content compared to the traditional e-liquids of mod-type vapes. The variation in nicotine strength can attract a broader range of enthusiasts, especially those who want a stronger kick during their vaping sessions. 


Pod-type vapes are best used by quitting smokers who want to decrease their nicotine consumption gradually. Users typically go for higher-concentrated nicotine e-juices at first. Then, reduce the dosage progressively as their body adapts to the declining input of nicotine. 

Pod-type vapes are lightweight compared to mod-type variants and enable the user to experience huffing and puffing similar to a cigarette. Many smokers have successfully quit cigarettes because of the features of the pod-type vape. These include various degrees of nicotine content and flavours users can enjoy.

The traditional mod-type vape mods have a different aspect of functionality to offer its users. Mod-type vapers have more variety in terms of the vaping settings to customise each vaping session according to their current needs. E-juices for mod-type vapes might contain zero amount of nicotine, which is perfect for people who don’t want nicotine in their system.


Pod-type vapes are cost-effective since its maintenance and ease of refiling beats that of the mod-type variant. Take note that non-refillable pod-type tanks exist, and are perfect if you’re someone who only vapes occasionally. However, refillable e-juice pods filled with high nicotine levels are your best bet if vaping is part of your daily routine. At most, you’ll be emptying two bottles of your favourite e-liquid in a single month. 

The mod-type vapes, however, are more expensive to maintain since their coils require replacements at least twice in a single month. When you factor that together with the cost of your monthly e-juice, the price can get out of budget.


The selection process between mod-type and pod-type vapes ultimately depends on your needs. Pod-type vape is best for people who want a higher dosage of nicotine—these include quitting heavy smokers. The additional benefit of pod-type vapes is its small and transportable size, which can fit in most pockets. Mod-type vapes are best for people who want to enjoy the visual experience and taste of the vapour cloud.

Remember to avoid putting nicotine salts in traditional mod-type vape tanks as the liquid is not compatible with conventional vapes. Otherwise, you’ll risk destroying your vaping instrument. 

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