5 Reason Some Menthol Vape Juices Are Stronger than Others - What to Know

If you're a big fan of that icy hit menthol-flavored e-juices give, we're confident that you've tried a bunch of different flavors by now. That said, you would have realized that not all menthol-flavored vape juice is the same. While some seem to hit you as hard as a bat smacking you right across the forehead, some others are nothing more than a little tap on your nose. In other words, some are just more potent than others.

What's Menthol?

Put simply, menthol is an oil that's found in plants that are in the mint family. Thanks to its cooling properties, it has been famously used to help address aching muscles for its numbing ability. When it comes to vape, menthol gives e-juices this cool kick everyone knows and loves so much.

So, why do some menthol flavors have a much colder hit on your throat than others? Let's find out.

  1. Amount of Menthol

Typically, the biggest reason there are stronger cooler sensations with some juices than others would be the amount of menthol that's found in the e-liquid itself. Obviously, the more the menthol, the cooler your hit. Unfortunately, some companies tone down their menthol with imitation, making some juices not as potent.

  1. Wattage Levels

If you've been vaping for a while, you'd know that the higher the wattage you use on your device, the stronger the hit. This also translates to a stronger menthol hit. In other words, the higher the wattage of your vaporizer, the stronger the coolness.

  1. The Nicotine

The nicotine that's present in your vape juice will also affect how cool the menthol-flavored jape juice will be.

If you're looking for an icier feel to your menthol vapes, opt for salt-based nicotine. The salts in the substance carry the vapor to your throat much more effectively, not only giving you a strong throat hit, but also a cooler hit. Freebase nicotine, on the other hand, won't be as strong.

  1. Different Flavors

As you might know, different flavors can either enhance or reduce the potency of menthol.

For example, e-liquids that are flavored like desserts usually have the menthol hit mellowed out. However, other flavors like apple and melon can enhance the strength of the cool you feel.

  1. PG/VG Ratios

PG/VG, as you know, both play a different role when it comes to vape. If you don't know what it is, remember that PG is what helps give that throat hit. This means that if you opt for vape juices that have a higher PG to VG ratio, the menthol hit is going to be much stronger.


If you're a lover of menthol-flavored vape juices or even a hater, now you know what to look for and avoid getting the right vape juice that'll take your vaping experience to the next level. Remember—if you're a big fan of menthol and want the strongest cool sensation, push up that wattage level, opt for the right flavors, and, most importantly, purchase e-liquids that have more menthol in them!

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