4 Vaping Etiquette Tips for the Socially Responsible Vaper - What to Know

The vaping community continues to skyrocket in popularity as more smokers are leaving behind tobacco for a more modern, healthier alternative. While the second-hand vapor isn’t harmful like tobacco smoke, there are correct etiquettes that vapers need to follow to clear the fog when tackling the social minefield regarding vape smoking in general.

After all, chasing massive clouds is possible with good manners. Not only does it maintain an excellent reputation for the vaping community, but it also promotes acceptable practices in polite society. With that in mind, the guide below should help you learn socially acceptable vaping etiquette - whether you’re out in public or at home.

Tip #1: Only Smoke in Appropriate Locations

As mentioned above, a second-hand vapor is generally cleaner than tobacco smoke. However, that doesn’t give you a free pass to smoke anywhere you like as it will only annoy passers-by. The golden rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t vape where smoking is not allowed, though a simple query can help you find the best spot to enjoy your hit.

Public transport like buses, trains, trams, and cabs are no-smoking zones. This includes private businesses like restaurants, diners, and public places. It’s best to verify the smoking policy in public locations, especially since some parks, ovals, and beaches have designated areas where you can freely whip out your vape.

When vaping at home, you can smoke to your heart’s content, but be mindful around guests when hosting parties.

Tip #2: Never Blow Vapor in People’s Faces

Blowing vapor in someone’s face is a massive no-no as it is an alarming sign of disrespect. On that note, just because the vapor doesn’t have the same harmful chemicals as tobacco doesn’t make the act acceptable.

When vaping out in public or in social gatherings, always blow away from crowds to stay on people’s good list - unless you don’t mind ending in a fistfight. Of course, you should never smoke around your children or pets.

Tip #3: Research Vaping and Follow Policies

An educated vapor promotes social responsibility, so always take the time to get to know the ins-and-outs of vaping. This includes keeping track of any updates on policies and understanding how e-juices affect your body.

Sharing your knowledge also facilitates a supportive and knowledgeable community, allowing you to build a positive impression for vapers around the world.

Tip #4: Inform Curious Bystanders

Some passers-by may probe about your vaping because they lack the knowledge to understand your practice. Don’t jump the gun and attack curious bystanders; instead, it’s better to stay calm and educate them properly. Not only will this mitigate arguments, but sharing information is one of the best ways to establish a socially acceptable vaping community.

In Conclusion

Vapers need to use common sense when vaping out in public. Cloud chasing isn’t impressive if it’s up close a stranger’s face, especially in locations that don’t welcome vaping and smoking in general. With that in mind, the tips above should help you straighten your habits and encourage socially responsible vaping within the community.

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