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From SMOK to Aspire, there are companies making some real headway in the coil game.

So, what is a coil? Are they necessary in a vape device and if so what is the best one to go for? As vape devices grow into a worldwide multi-billion-pound industry, technology is rapidly increasing with it as well. Vape components have diversified, much like the devices they’re associated with. With so many out there, it’s difficult to know what is best for your device and how to make sure that you’re making the most out of them.

What does a coil do?

Put simply, the coil is the part of the vape device which connects the battery to the atomiser. It is through this wire that the vape juice is heated up and vaporises in the wicking cotton. The coil can be made from a range of metals, so long as it conducts electricity and can heat up the vape juice. The coil only becomes active when you press the power button on your device, activating the battery which sends electricity through this wire. You can find prebuilt coils for your devices, varying in size and shape as well as buying coil wire to install yourself. The latter brings you flexibility and control over the resistance and vapour production whilst the former brings you ease of vapour production.

Vape Coils

What different coils are there?

Coils have really diversified over time. There are plenty of different makes out there, and all of which come with their own unique selling point.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a versatile material to use for your vape device due to it being able to function with both temperature control and variable wattage models. With a range of grades and sizes, the stainless-steel wire is durable and flexible, bringing a clean flavour with none of the metal taste of other wires.


Nickel or Ni200 wire is the perfect wire for temperature control vape devices due to how soft it is. This softness can be a downside if it gets too hot, when it can begin to produce graphite vapour. This is another reason why it should only be used in temperature control devices. Despite this downside, nickel is easily regulated in TC devices.


Kanthal wire is a great value vape wire which easy for beginners to get their heads round. Only working in variable wattage modes, some may find that the wire dulls the flavour of their vape juice.


Nichrome wire is known for its stellar heat up times as well as being the perfect balance of sturdiness and flexibility for those who want to make their own wires and rewick them. Although great value, it only works in wattage mode and is not available in all vape shops in London and beyond.


Being stronger than Ni200 wire, the clean tasting coil is a perfect match for TC devices. Though there are concerns about the toxicity of this often hard to find coil when it gets too hot, titanium wire is perfect for durability.

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