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A clean e-cig’s a happy e-cig: how to clean your vaping device


Do you consider yourself a vaper who’s passed beyond the novice stage? A regular, semi-experienced or fairly experienced vaper? If so, chances are you’ve by now used more than one e-cig device in your time. Maybe two or three. And each one may have been an improvement on the last; offering better performance, optimised opportunity to taste the full e juice flavour and generating increased hits and bigger, bigger clouds of vapour.

If that sounds like you then you’ll have definitely gone through that moment when you’ve either bought a brand new e-cig device or a brand-new one’s been delivered to your door – and what happens next is you open it up to find a gleaming, beautiful thing in front of you that looks… perfect. And yet, after a couple of months it doesn’t look or feel like that anymore. Now it’s a bit dirty, maybe even clogged up with gunk and, because of that, its performance isn’t what it was and, frankly, you’re thinking about replacing it already. At least, it might be in this state should you have never cleaned it – and especially if you’ve never known how to properly clean it.

In short, regular maintenance of any and every vape device is critical to ensure it keeps working exactly as it should – and looks up to the job too, of course. It’s key to making sure the thing can deliver more than just a few times exactly the fully-flavoured hits you bought it for in the first place.

When and what to clean?

The most important part of the device to keep clean is its tank; as it’s the component in which the e liquid UK is held, which is commonly combined with the atomiser in one complete unit. And, like it or not, you should clean the tank every time you change over flavours; yes, really – that way, your new flavour won’t be tainted by the previous one and properly taste like it should, ensuring you get your money’s worth out of the e-juice. Additionally, it’s a good idea to give it a once-over about once a week, irrespective of how often you change fluid.

How to clean the tank?

So, having established the timing and aim of your clean, it’s now on to the actually clean itself. How thorough does this need to be, though? Well, that’s a good question; quite frankly, it’s where common sense and your own judgment come into play. Is it around a week or two since the last clean? A simple rinse’ll probably do. Or have you left it a while since the last clean? Maybe best to opt for a deep clean. Either way, follow the steps below…

For a simple rinse:

  • Prepare a bowl of warm water
  • Remove the tank from the mod
  • Pour out any e-liquid still in the tank
  • Take the tank apart
  • Place its separate parts into the bowl
  • Wash them all until they’re clean – using bath soap if necessary
  • Using a paper towel, make sure each part is dried
  • Dry out and air all the parts by allowing them to stand for 10-15 minutes
  • Put the tank and the whole device back together again.

For a deep clean:

  • Remove the tank from the mod and pour out any e-liquid still in the tank
  • Take the tank apart
  • Place its separate parts into the bowl
  • Dampen a cloth/ paper towel with high-proof, non-flavoured vodka and, using the latter as a solvent, scrub anywhere that needs it, so the all the tank’s constituent parts are entirely clean
  • Wipe away the alcohol and rinse all the parts clear with warm water
  • Dray all the parts and air them by allowing them to stand for 10-15 minutes
  • Put the tank and the whole device back together again.

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