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A Brief Guide to RDAs and Limitless 24 RDA


The vocabulary of vaping is becoming more and more extensive as the market continues to grow. When googling terms like ‘RDA’ it’s is easy to get what the letters stand for (in this case, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer).

But that’s only the start of the battle - what’s an atomizer? Don’t they all drip? Rebuildable? What do you have to rebuild?

For all vaping newbies and acroynym-phobes out there, here is a simple guide to get your head around. We’ll also introduce to the 24 Limitless RDA, which may be the perfect atomizer for you. What is an RDA?

An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

An atomizer is the vessel, just below the end where you inhale, where you insert your e-liquid. The type of atomizer you have will affect the taste of your vape.

An RDA is different to having a tank. With a tank, all you do is fill it up to the top with as much juice as possible and vape away. This is less work and a better on-the-go option, but may hinder the taste of your vape. Also, having a tank you just fill up may saturate your wick over time.

An RDA is comprised of a small vessel that you drip a tiny amount of e-liquid into. The pros of this include better taste, more clouds and the ability to swap e-liquids as often as you want.

An RDA requires that you build it yourself, so before you looking buying one of these bad boys, make sure you know how to install the atomizer correctly.

What to look for when buying an RDA?

Prioritise what you want from your vape:

  • Do you want more flavour?
  • Do you want more clouds?
  • Do you want an atomizer (or ‘deck’) that isn’t too small and fiddly to work?
  • Do you want one that is easier to set up?
  • Each RDA will provide you with a different vaping experience, so research is key.

    Product recommendation: Limitless 24 RDA

    We have a wide range of RDAs available on no1ejuice.com, one that we highly recommend is the Limitless 24 RDA.

    The IJOY Limitless 24 RDA has a gold-plated deck and also features a deep well for your e-liquids. At an affordable price of 19.95 GBP, The Limitless 24 is easy to build and produces unbelievable, top-quality flavour and an immense volume of clouds.

    This RDA ticks all the boxes and has rave reviews across the board online.

    Have we tickled your fancy? Check out our website to find out more! 

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