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Black Friday - 15% OFF Everything | DripX | Frosty Shakes | Humo | Gusto Mini | Aim-9 EVO RDA | VAPE NIGHT - Welling | Unboxing - Aspire Gusto Mini


BLACK FRIDAY - 15% OFF Everything! 


DripX - Hello Lemon & Coolcumber - £17.00 

Welcome to DripX Vapour. DripX Vapour brings you something different which everyone can enjoy and at the lowest price possible. Every bottle is crafted using the cleanest and best quality ingredients to ensure you a wonderful vaping experience.


Frosty Shakes 100ml - £22.95 

Its rumoured that Dr Frost likes nothing more than an ice cold shake after his evening meal? Three Milkshake flavours… nothing like you have experienced before.



Humo 50ml - £18.00

Humo is an American-made E-liquid company crafting amazing flavors for your vaping pleasure.


Aspire Gusto Mini - £19.95

The Gusto mini is a super low profile AIO device, powered by a built in 900mAh lipo battery, which uses prefilled disposable pod with just a fire button to operate. This makes the Gusto mini super easy to use. The output wattage of the Gusto mini is 17W which ensures enough power to provide you with a quality vape every time. The Gusto mini comes in four attractive, stylish colors, black, red, blue and grey.


Asvape Aim-9 EVO RDA - £31.95

Classic original column structure, easy installation. The intake design allows the smoke and airflow to collide scientifically. The best group of food grade stainless steel with gold construction. Just breath,forget the rest. 


Welling - Grand Reopening VAPE NIGHT

Black Friday 15% Off on everything @no1ejuice_welling! The time has arrived for the clouds to hit the sky, We welcome everyone to attend our @no1ejuice_welling "Grand Reopening" vape night for tricks, clouds and build tutorials starting from 6pm till late on Friday 24thth! You don't want to miss this night! See you there.

86 Bellegrove
Road Welling, Bexley
DA16 3QB

Unboxing - Aspire Mini Gusto

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A New Study Show That Vaping Could Be 5700 Times Less Harmful Than Smoking

Whatever side of the argument you fall under, studies show how vaping could be far less dangerous than smoking.It’s not rocket science. Smoking burns tobacco which is full of carcinogens whilst vaping simply heats up water vapour. When you think about it like this it should seem pretty clear how it could be better for you. With many studies out [...]

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Why are you getting a burnt taste in your ecig?

There’s little we hate more than when our e cigarettes don’t work. Here’s the lowdown on one fo the biggest problems vapers face.Despite the fact that vape devices are easy and safe to use, there can sometimes be slight hiccups in their smooth running. Whether it’s a low battery or a leaky tank, there’s always a problem which will have [...]

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Black Friday - 15% OFF Everything! | Kilo | Iced Out Dr Vapes | Ruthless| Milkman| I Lke VG Desserts & Sweets Range | Tutorial Video Battery Wrap

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Best Ecig Mods On The Market Today

As vaping becomes more and more popular, there are an increasing amount of innovations hitting the market.For the seasoned vaper, mods won’t be anything new. These new innovations give an added amount of flexibility to the vaping experience, with their new battery types, power capabilities and innovative designs. There’s no arguing that owning an ecig mod will put you [...]

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Common Vape Novice Mistakes

New to vaping? There will be plenty of time to learn the ins and outs, but first off make sure you tackle these mistakes first.There’s no shame in saying you’ve made a few embarrassing mistakes whilst vaping. We’ve all been newbies at some point in our lives. Whether you’ve just switched from smoking to vaping or you’re just trying it [...]

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Juice of the Week - Bubble Gang | Loco Lola | Jammy Dodger | Carnival| Phat Phog| The Custard Company| Gnome Subohm Tank Unboxing

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Vaping Cannabis Concentrates – Where To Start

Are you a British vaping enthusiast currently in the US? Then you may want to try vaping cannabis. Here’s everything you’ll need to know.When in Rome, do what the Romans do. That is the term which encapsulates the principal that when visiting a new place, you should make every effort to soak in the culture. That is the same [...]

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Best Vape Accessories At No1 Ejuice

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Juice of the Week - Candy King | Bubble Gang | Rockt Punch | Chubby Fruit Vapes | Too Wild | Drag Black Resin

Juice of the Week! Candy King - £9.95  http://www.no1ejuice.com/candy-king-e-liquid/ Bubble Gang 80ml - £19.95  ŌKVMI brand's hit capsule flavour collaboration x collection that specialises in bringing forward great throwback candy flavours with an edgy street art style. http://www.no1ejuice.com/bubble-gang/ Rockt Punch 100ml - £21.95 Rockt Punch is the ejuice company that is inspired by big flavour and larger than life art like [...]

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